Category: Technical Schedule: Full-time
Facility: Saint Anne's Hospital Shift: Standard Workweek (40 hours)
Department: SAH Primacare Satellite Hours: Varied Schedule
Req Number: 44096 Union: No
Job Details:

Job Summary:

Provides health care services, applying operational procedures of equipment being used to produce detailed images of the patient to assist in diagnosis or treatment. Prepares and operates scanner utilizing approved protocols and related techniques, producing images for the interpretation by; or at the request of a licensed practitioner. Provide appropriate patient care (newborn, infant, child, adolescent, adult, and geriatric). All other duties as assigned.



  • Performs daily Quality Assurance test on Equipment.
  • Obtains patient history prior to procedure to include screening the patient for ferromagnetic objects prior to entering the scan room.
  • Verifies patient identification per JCAHO standards, and the physicians order while checking for special instructions and consulting with radiologist/physician as necessary.
  • Accurately enter start and stop time of scan, patient data, medical record/accession number, referring physician, type of scan and contrast material used (if applicable).
  • Has demonstrated proper procedure when assisting the patient onto the MRI table including concern for patient comfort and safety during positioning and immobilization.
  • Explains procedure to the patient and their family if present, and continually directs and monitors the patient through clear, vocalized instructions/communications as needed through the procedural process.
  • Considers age specific needs according to scope of service: Neonate, Child, Adolescent, Adult, Geriatric.
  • Has selected proper imaging parameters, as per protocol.
  • Ensures proper patient identification on all images along with any pertinent information relating to the patient.
  • Recognizes artifacts and initiates prompt, appropriate action, including notification to supervisory personnel.
  • Evaluates results of scanning procedure for quality of results and completeness, and determine the need for further testing.
  • Assists patient off MRI table and escorts to waiting area.
  • Cleans rooms between patients, including cleaning imaging table and/or other devices and replaces linens.
  • Demonstrates appropriate responsibility for assigned area including room readiness, cleanliness, stock availability, stock replacement, linen, protection and positioning devices, safe handling of equipment.
  • Contributes to the efficient operation of the department including monitoring inventory and notifying Director when stock is low, in a timely manner.
  • Maintains prompt and consistent documentation of equipment malfunctions within appropriate service log(s).
  • Actively participates in the orientation and training of new employees and student radiographers in the proper use of equipment according to department protocol.
  • Identifies and shares information to improve current job processes which includes utilizing D.I.S. clinical/patient interaction occurrence form.
  • Practices patient care with universal precautions.
  • All errors created are corrected immediately to clinical and financial accuracy of data entries, according to department operational procedure for MediTech and PACS.
  • Perform all necessary computer operations to ensure proper procedural documentation including ordering, tracking, add-ons, canceling, charging and inquiries.
  • Consistently verifies/checks all procedures and associated data entries.
  • Obtains and submits accurate data on patient demographics and clinical procedures to alleviate unnecessary delays and/or errors.
  • Tracks all procedures to "Taken" status to ensure proper procedure charge and result report shell document.
  • Has maintained security of computer screens and computer information in accordance with departmental procedures, including signing off when not at work station.
  • Has maintained strict confidentiality of sensitive material and information per HIPPA regulations.
  • Regularly consults with radiologists and physicians, and other staff technologists, in order to pursue answers to questions or to observe new techniques and procedures; demonstrates a desire to learn more.
  • Continually strives to improve the technical image quality and technique.
  • Demonstrates the ability to assess a situation from a variety of perspectives, with consideration given to various alternatives.
  • Always responds to changes in scheduling quickly and accepts responsibility for this action.
  • Promotes a spirit of cooperation through frequent communication.
  • Consistently demonstrates a "needs no reminders" attitude after directions have been explained, carries out work assignments promptly.
  • When requested is willing to adjust personal schedule to complete workload, and makes sure that procedures will be completed even if it involves staying late.
  • Always demonstrates reliability when on-call or standby, maintains appropriate proximity and availability, reports to work as soon as possible when called-in without questioning the need.
  • Consistently completes work left from previous shifts, always reports any incomplete assignments to ensure continuity of procedures.
  • Demonstrates a willingness and ability to assist others as requested, assists in other areas of the department such as: receptionist duties, clerical responsibilities, and other assignments as requested.
  • Regularly checks for new requisitions periodically and strives to complete all procedures as they are requested during the scheduled shift, provides for a steady work flow.
  • Promptly records all necessary documentation.
  • Demonstrates competency in the performance of all technological procedures on patients of all ages, utilizing age specific and cultural considerations in the delivery of care. Applies age-specific considerations to care, such as the need for additional safety measures; observation of skin integrity; behavior and effective communication.
  • Always prepares patient, imaging procedure room, and supplies (i.e. IV tubing, solutions, needles, etc.) as well as assist physician, as required.
  • Has demonstrated a working knowledge of the principles of physics, anatomy, medical terminology, sterile technique, I.V. administration and radiation protection, as required for performance of technical duties.
  • Conducts duties with the ethical standards of the organization and practices established by licensing and/or certifying agencies.
  • Maintains proficiency through continuing education.
  • All other duties as assigned.







  • Associate in Science Degree, Graduate of Certificate Program in Radiography or Accredited Radiography Program (School of Radiological Technology) or equivalent.
  • One to three years related experience required.
  • Certification by ARRT (American Registry of Radiologic Technologists) in radiography, or equivalent and/or Magnetic Resonance Imaging.  Current BLS certification. I.V. Certification preferred. Preferred current Massachusetts DPH Radiologic Technologist Radiography (Full/General) license.
  • Knowledge of MRI procedures and protocols, equipment operation, positioning techniques, patient transfers, good communication skills, ability to handle multiple tasks/projects, ethical and professional conduct, good understanding of age-related developmental issues of pediatrics and geriatrics. 
  • Flexibility to work overtime as needed as well as on-call duty, weekend rotations. Interest in participating in orientation/clinical education of students in accordance with clinical education center guidelines for MRI and radiologic technology program(s).

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