Category: Service & Trade Schedule: Per-Diem
Facility: Norwood Hospital Shift: Varied Day Shifts
Department: NWH Food Services Hours: Per Diem
Req Number: 50345 Union: Yes
Job Details:


Performs routine food service tasks in the main kitchen, cafeteria, patient tray assembly area, dish room, and on the patient floors.


Per diem position; hours will vary based on needs but typical shifts are 3:30p-7:30p or 11a-7:30p weekdays and weekend. May include a rotation on some major holidays, as well.



Most of the time reports to the on duty Food Service Supervisor.  Some of the time reports to the Patient Food Service Manager or the Retail Manager.



All Food Service Aides must be able to read and write English at a 6th grade level.  Must have strong interpersonal skills, be able to communicate effectively with staff, customers and patients, and be able to add and subtract accurately.



1.      TEAM WORK

A.     Involves other departments in project planning and implementation.

B.      Supports others in the department and provides help and assistance when possible.

C.      Regularly attends and participates in team and/or departmental meetings and activities.

D.     Keeps others in the department informed of relevant information.

E.      Regularly offers and requests constructive feedback and coaching.

F.      Establishes and maintains effective working relations.


2.      SERVICE EXCELLENCE (both internal and external)

A.     Welcomes patients/customers/employees in a warm, friendly manner.

B.      Actively listens and constructively responds to questions and concerns in a timely manner.

C.      Ensures that the dignity of the patient/customer/employee is maintained at all times.

D.     Abides by and upholds the hospital's service excellence standards.

E.      Respects the diversity of the patient/customer/employee population.

F.      Demonstrates safe and effective use of equipment.



1.      Personal and Work Habits

A.     Follows department infection control procedures.

B.      Follows department safety procedures.

C.      Follows department sanitation and cleaning procedures.

D.     Demonstrates the proper care and use of kitchen equipment used by employee.


2.      Work Load Management & Teamwork

A.     Prioritizes and organizes work assignments and completes tasks on time.

B.      Able to maintain poise at varying volumes of activity.

C.      Helps co-workers especially during short staff situations.

D.     Cooperates fully with supervisor at all times.


3.      Technical Skills

A.     Follows department procedures when working on the Beverage Station

B.      Follows department procedures when working in the dish room.

C.      Follows department procedures when handling silverware.

D.     Follows department procedures when passing out and picking up meal trays 

E.      Follows department procedures when working as a server in the cafeteria or the patient line.      

F.      Follows department procedures when working as a cashier.            

G.     Follows department procedures when delivering supplies to the floor pantries.             

H.     Sets up assigned station accurately and efficiently.          

I.       Rotates and labels foods and non-food supplies appropriately.       


4.      Development

A.     Attends department mandatory in-services. 

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