Category: Service & Trade Schedule: Per-Diem
Facility: Carney Hospital Shift: As needed
Department: CARN Interpretive Service Hours: 7:00am-5:00pm
Req Number: 33767 Union: Yes
Job Details: High school diploma or equivalent is required.
Certification is preferred.
Computer skills are required.
Customer service skills are required.


Provide accurate and skilled interpretations to help facilitate successful delivery of services to patients who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing. Ensure ASL services are provided throughout the Steward hospital main campus, health centers and affiliates of Steward. Serve as a resource to both patients and providers to contribute to successful outcomes. Serve as a resource for patients to navigate the system and to help improve compliance. Face to face interpretation for all types of encounters in the hospital setting and serves as a resource over the video remote/relay service phone for situations such as:

- medical appointments and nurse assessments - family meetings - psychiatric and social work consultations - teaching - informed consents and explanation of tests and procedures - helping patients obtain information - making, confirming or re-scheduling appointments - conveying medical instructions - helping patients with any questions



•              Responsible for immediately and effectively answering requests for interpretation throughout the hospital, health center, or affiliated entity with a priority for emergency and more urgent requests.  Responsible to arrive on time to the appointments and to provide services from the point of entry throughout discharge.

•              Interprets and transmits accurately and in understandable terms, complex medical information from medical providers to patients, including interpretation of consent forms, diagnoses, during medical procedures, discharge plans and any other type of patient-related information.  Interprets and transmits accurately and in understandable terms information from patients to medical providers.

•              Assists patients and clinical providers throughout the hospital system in a professional and courteous manner.  Provides the highest quality of service at each appointment to every patient and if necessary refers the patient to the appropriate resource. 

•              Seeks evaluation, certification and additional training in interpreting, health care practices and beliefs, and cultural differences.

•              Maintains an environment that promotes collaborative work relationships and provides assistance to the Interpreter Services staff to perform office related tasks as needed. 

•              The Interpreter accepts and processes properly the assignments for his/her language.  This task may include following office protocol, logging information properly, contacting patients and informing the Interpreter Services department of any changes in a timely manner.

•              Maintains complete and accurate written records of services rendered and statistics of all patient related information.

•              Resolves most issues that arise in their daily responsibilities, answer questions and makes appropriate referrals.  More complex issues will be handled by the hospital's Manager of Interpreter Services.




•              Helps facilitate successful delivery of services to Deaf patients and consumers. Explain hospital resources, office protocols, and limitations to clinicians and patients; make appropriate referrals; serve as a cultural and linguistic resource to both patients and providers to contribute to successful outcomes.

•              Performs duties in a spirit of teamwork and cooperation. Adheres to hospital policies on customer relations and hospitality. Understands the hospital's system of service delivery.

•              Support the office operations by, taking requests, contacting patients to confirm appointments, document encounters on the interpreter tracking system, and medical record , verify and schedule future appointments when necessary, do general troubleshooting.

•              Utilize on-line computer systems such as Outlook, and other hospital software. Work with special projects as assigned.

•              Support other duties involving patients who are deaf such as financial counseling process, community outreach events, support groups and educational sessions.



Strong linguistic skills:

•              Selects appropriate mode of interpretation for each situation  as well as advising the Steward hospital, health center or affiliate when additional resources such as a CDI, PSE, SEE, Tactile, Oral, are required to facilitate effective patient-provider communication.

•              Interprets with highest degree of accuracy and completeness in simultaneous or consecutive interpretation  modes; self-corrects, understands own linguistic limitations, seeks clarification and accepts correction 

•              Picks up cues from encounter participants regarding level of understanding and/or need for clarification.

•              Understands language as an expression of culture, recognizes the underlying assumptions of each party about medicine, the encounter, the illness etc.; uses this understanding to empower patient and provider to better understand each other.

•              Intervenes as intercultural mediator when communication is compromised by culture-bound messages.  Avoids generalizations and stereotyping uses culturally appropriate behavior and is able to choose appropriate time to clarify or interject by respecting the goals of the encounter.  Is aware of own personal values, beliefs and cultural characteristics which may be a source of conflict or discomfort in certain situations, is able to acknowledge these and/or to withdraw from encounters when these may interfere with successful interpretation


Strong interpreting skills:

•              Explains role of the interpreter to patient and provider; recognizes the complexity of the clinical encounter and added factor of linguistic barriers; sets tone of the patient/provider encounter to manage spatial configuration and flow of communication to preserve accuracy and completeness, and to

•              Assess and address potential areas of discomfort for patient (age, gender of interpreter, no previous experience with interpreters)

•              Encourages and fosters direct communication between provider and patient

•              Maintains professional distance and integrity

•              Diffuses conflict between parties by remaining calm and impartial

•              Clarifies instructions, follow up steps in a diplomatic, effective manner

•              Ability to render written documents through sight translation into ASL when needed


Ethical competency:

•              Understands and abides by hospital policies on patient confidentiality, informed consent, non-discrimination and by interpreters code of ethics and standards of practice


Interpersonal and customer service skills:

•              Projects positive attitude about the department and the hospital, and offers services to ensure positive experience

•              Works as a team with colleagues and providers; addresses concerns raised during or after an encounter by encouraging provider to make appropriate referral and/or assisting with making of appointment with right resource and booking interpreter as needed


Organizational skills:

•              Works well under pressure to manage stressful situations

•              Flexible to meet scheduling needs and handle often unpredictable changes

•              Sound judgment and confidence

•              Ability to handle multiple tasks

•              Detail-oriented and accurate



•              Fast-paced clinical and office environment, frequently changing priorities.

•              Physically demanding with a lot of walking and standing time. Use of mobile computer carts may be required for documentation purposes.

•              Emotionally challenging, as some interactions may be highly stressful requiring maturity, composure & sound judgment.



Education:             Bachelor's Degree preferred

•              Must be a Certified Sign Language Interpreter.

•              Must have knowledge of medical terminology, basic anatomy, physiology and diagnostic procedures and treatments.

Experience:           Minimum one year experience in medical setting

Certification / Licensure:   MCDHH Screened

Certification by the National Registry for the Deaf

Software / Hardware:         Enter minimum technical exp. required to qualify for job

Other:     Must be fluent, both verbal and written English and fluent in American Sign Language.

***Internal Applicants May Apply 9/19/16 - 9/26/16***

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