Certified Nursing Assistant (C.N.A.)






1-3 years of experience


Patients from around the world come to St. Vincent Medical Center to receive compassionate, healing care. Founded in 1856 as the first hospital in Los Angeles, St. Vincent is a 366-bed acute care facility and surgical specialty hospital, providing tertiary services for advanced medical diagnosis and treatment. Serving nearly 3 million residents in the downtown area, the medical center receives ongoing philanthropic support from generous individuals and organizations that align with its service to the community through the St. Vincent Medical Center Foundation.


To provide direct patient care to assigned patients under the direct supervision of the RN/LVN.


  • The certified nursing assistant provides direct bedside care which includes activities of daily living, to check and record patient's vital signs, weights, and record I&O.
  • Cooperates with other members of the health care team to meet patient care needs.
  • Organizes materials and equipment in preparation of patient care activities.
  • Supports cost containment efforts through conservation of supplies.
  • Participates in patient care conferences and development of plan of care.
  • Answers patient call lights and takes action without delay.
  • Provides direct and indirect patient care under the direction of the team leader (RN/LVN).
  • Under direction performs routine patient admission and discharge duties and documents accurate information on patient care record.
  • Measures and records vital signs and patient activities of daily living.
  • Responds to emergency situations and takes action based on medical center policy and procedure.
  • Provides for patient safety to include environmental and electrical safety.
  • Demonstrates clinical proficiency as documented in skills check list.
  • Aware of personal and educational needs.
  • Assists in orientation of new staff and students as directed.
  • Uses verbal, nonverbal, and written communications skills which reflect professional nursing standards. Demonstrates knowledge of proper documentation.
  • Communicates pertinent information to team leader (RN/LVN).
  • Demonstrates knowledge of proper documentation and charting procedures.
  • Demonstrates open communication and good rapport with patients, families, co-workers.
  • Maintains patient confidentiality.
  • Under direction of the team leader (RN/LVN), assists in reinforcing patient/family teaching.
  • Demonstrates the behaviors of the Quality Improvement Process, meeting customer requirements.
  • Demonstrates a positive willingness to meet customer requirements through QIP.
  • Demonstrates an ability to organize and incorporate QIP into daily activities.
  • Recognizes need for continuous change and evaluation to meet customer requirements.
  • Takes and records temperature, pulse, respiration rate and blood pressure readings.
  • Bathes patient and/or assists with bath or shower.
  • Assists patient with personal grooming.
  • Assists with meal trays, feeds patient.
  • Records I&O.
  • Assist patient with ambulation, passive and active range of motion.
  • Collects urine, sputum and/or stool specimens.
  • Weighs patient as directed.
  • Empties Foley bags and suction containers and records correctly.
  • Gives care to patient with special precautions (isolation).
  • Administers enemas, Harris flushes, passes and empties bedpan and urinal.
  • Provides for patient safety and comfort.
  • Adheres to falls protocol.
  • Makes occupied and unoccupied beds.
  • Applies binders, Ace bandages or anti-embolic stockings.
  • Applies poseys and restraints as directed.
  • Assists with admission, discharge and transfer procedures.
  • Cares for patient on special mattresses/beds.
  • Applies K-pads, cooling blanket, CPM machine.
  • Handles and logs patient valuables according to hospital policy.
  • Observes and reports unusual patient behavior and reports these to the team leader.
  • Answers call lights promptly.
  • Adheres to skin integrity protocol.
  • Observes levels of IV solutions and condition of IV tubing and reports to team leader (RN/LVN).
  • Assists with initiation of pre-op checklist.
  • Charts according to policy.
  • Reinforces patient/family teaching under direction of team leader (RN/LVN).
  • Provides emotional support to patient/family.
  • Assist with discharge needs and communicates to team leader (RN/LVN).
  • Obtains supplies from ancillary departments.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned after adequate training to perform those tasks.
  • Accepts assignments to other units when necessary.
  • Helps with post-mortem care.
  • Participates in patient care conferences/clinical pathway.
  • Participates in in-service educational programs.
  • Cleans equipment and helps to maintain unit supplies in a cost conscious effort.
  • Maintains patient safety.
  • Provides emotional support to patients and families.  Maintains a cooperative, congenial working relationship with all nursing and ancillary department personnel. 
  • Is the direct representative of the hospital to patients and families.
  • Works under the supervision of an RN/team leader and/or nursing supervisor.
  • Decisions are governed by policies and procedures.



  • Los Angeles City Fire/Safety Card within 30 days of hire.
  • Current C.N.A. Certification.
  • Current BLS Certification from the American Heart Association.

Knowledge / Skills / Abilities:

  • Knowledge relevant to nursing care.
  • Basic knowledge of anatomy, physiology and medical terminology.
  • Principles of body mechanics.
  • Legal implications of patient care.
  • Maintains current CPR certification.
  • Effective communication in English through reading, writing and speaking.