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Department: Critical Care Services
Schedule: Full Time
Hours per Pay:
Shift: Nights
Hours: 7p - 7a
Job Details:
  • High School Diploma/GED
  • "


    Job Summary:

    Under the supervision and delegation of an RN, provides the care, comfort and safety of patients.  Responsible and accountable for a variety of clinical and supportive tasks.  In doing so, obtains vital signs, assists with personal hygiene, feeds and ambulates patients following the plan of care.  Maintains patient's rooms in a clean and orderly condition.

                                                    POSITION ACCOUNTABILITIES

                                                         Patient Care Assistant


    1.         Patient care responsibilities/technical tasks as delegated by the RN:

    a.         Physical care: assists with simple procedures, follows universal precautions.

    b.         Measurement:  performs vital signs, height, weight, head circumference.

    c.         Nutrition/Intake and Output: assists with feeding, collects urine/stool specimens, weights diapers, measures foley/NG and wound drainage.

    d.         Hygiene: bathes patients, changes occupied and unoccupied beds, perform diaper changes and perineal/skin care.

    e.         Monitoring/Observing: performs safety checks to include restraints and fall precautions.

    f.          Ambulation/Transportation/Positioning: ambulates, transports and positions patients with proper body mechanics apply/utilizing special equipment as necessary.

    g.         Psychosocial interventions: provides diversional activities, comforts and supports patient/family.


    2.         Unit operational support/technical tasks:

    a.         Obtains equipment and supplies as needed.

    b.         Passes water and nourishments to patients.

    c.         Performs safety checks and observes hospital safety guidelines.

    d.         Answers call lights and telephones.


    3.            Communication:

    a.         Communicates with the RN, Clinical Coordinator or Unit Director any issues related to the Unit.

    b.         Informs RN of any/all pertinent information regarding changes in the patient's condition or care.

    c.         Effectively relates to and interacts with patients, families, visitors and other staff.

    d.         Records observations and care interventions on appropriate forms.


    4.         Unit responsibilities:

    a.         Communicates with the Unit Clerk regarding clerical functions and supply inventory.

    b.         Maintains a clean and orderly patient/unit environment.

    c.         Identifies, labels and reports malfunctioning equipment.

    d.         Cleans carts and equipment according to unit/departmental guidelines.

    e.         Prepares instruments and supplies for central processing.


    5.            Personal responsibilities:

    a.         Demonstrates ability to give care cooperatively as delegated by the RN.

    b.         Keeps the RN informed when tasks are completed; uses any unstructured time to assist other staff.

    c.         Attends unit meetings.

    d.         Actively participates in quality management and continuing educational activities.  Updates and maintains knowledge, skills and competencies related to area of practice and age(s) of patient population.


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