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Location: University Hospital McDuffie
Department: Emergency Dpt
Schedule: PRN
Shift: Varied Shifts
Pay Grade: 9UHM
Contact Information:
Job Details:
  • RN Required
  • POSITION SUMMARY: Staff RN is responsible for assessing, implementing and evaluating the care of all assigned patients including neonates to geriatrics during his/her shift. Also, responsible for the effective and efficient management of all supplies and equipment is the ED. Promotes and coordinates team work with physicians and personnel and interfaces effectively with other departments.


    1. EDUCATION: A. Graduate of an Accredited School of Nursing. B. Certifications BCLS / ACLS

    2. LICENSURE: A. Maintains Current Licensure as an RN in the State of Georgia.

    3. EXPERIENCE: A. May be a new Graduate, But Experience in ED preferred.

    4. SKILLS: A. Must possess good problem solving skills. B. Ability handle and operate equipment of the task assigned. C. Ability to communicate intelligently and in a professional manner. D. Must be dependable.


    A. PHYSICAL 1. Must be in good general health. 2. Must pass pre-employment drug screen. 3. Annual physical required. 4. Must possess audio and visual acuity to detect changes in patient's condition and physical dexterity to interact appropriately with patients, peers, supervisors and medical staff. Color vision is needed to interpret test results as well as help in judging patient conditions. 5. Must be able to do long periods of standing, walking, bending, stretching, occasionally going without breaks or food and is able to change positions quickly. 6. Must possess manual dexterity necessary for coordination in administering all phases of patient care. 7. Must be able to assist in lifting or transporting patients without restrictions. 8. Must be able to pull/push or move/lift heavy equipment/supplies. 9. Must be able to operate patient transport devices, such as: stretchers, wheelchairs, and beds safely. 10. Must be able to perform functions with proper sterile technique. 11. Must be able to tolerate hands in water with antiseptic solutions and powdered latex gloves as a protective device as well as, gowns, masks and goggles. 12. Must be physically able to perform CPR. 13. Is able to perform job functions with proper technique. 14. Must be able to reach, stoop, bend, kneel, or crouch.

    B. MENTAL 1. Must be able to adapt to emergency situations. 2. Must be able to cope with the mental and emotional stress of the position. 3. Must be alert to all the activities of the department. 4. Must demonstrate emotional stability. 5. Must be able to communicate intelligently and in a professional manner. 6. Must work effectively with other personnel. 7. Must be able to make decisions independently and incorporating them into existing practices. 8. Must exhibit patience, tact, cheerful disposition, and enthusiasm; as well as, exhibit professionalism and diplomacy with staff, patient, and visitors. 9. Must have or acquire the knowledge of regulatory requirements regarding risks involved in exposure to bloodborne and hazardous toxic substances.

    6. WORKING CONDITIONS: 1. Must have knowledge of regulatory requirements regarding risks involved in exposure to bloodborne pathogens and hazardous toxic substances. 2. May be exposed to infections and contagious diseases. 3. May be exposed to needles and sharp instruments. 4. May be subject to electrical and radiant energy hazards and flammable explosive gases. 5. May be exposed to disagreeable odors from bodily wastes and organs, irritating disinfectants and pathology preservatives. 6. Will work rotating shifts and weekends. 7. Works around others; Noise level is mostly moderate. 8. May be subject to high stress levels for prolong periods of time, and fatigue. 9. Works under normal temperature conditions, with adequate light, in well ventilated, clean areas; some areas are limited in space. 10. May be exposed to unpleasant patient elements (accidents, illnesses, injuries). 11. May be exposed to bloodborne pathogens, body fluids and waste. 12. Will not be exposed to unusual hazards or risks.

    7. PUBLIC RELATIONS: Every employee has an important position and with that position there are certain responsibilities. Every employee’s conduct and communication with patients, employees, physicians, visitors and the general public has an impact on the hospital. Employees are expected to maintain a helpful, caring attitude and to be courteous and cheerful when relating to all employees and customers.

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