Nurse Care Manager


Full Time


11:00 AM to 7:00 PM


Under the supervision of the Infectious Disease Nurse Manager Coordinator, the HIV Nurse Care Manager provides clinical, educational, and administrative services to HIV-positive clients.  This position works with the providers, clients, Unity staff members, and external referrals to ensure care is available according to Unity's standard of care.



·         Develops and monitors a tracking process for HIV patients that meet the care management criteria.

·         Meets at least monthly with all patients with CD4 less than 200, or sick or at risk (elderly, pregnant, disengaged from care), according to protocol.  Assists the patient in developing a plan of care relevant to HIV/AIDS. 

·         Completes nurse assessment documentation for each encounter.

·         Completes follow-up on appointments, x-rays, lab work, hospital visits, and ensures the information is accurately and promptly charted.  Amends the plan of care based on current medical/social information. 

·         Coordinates care with an infectious disease physician.  Within the CHC, works and travels with the physician to ensure care at various sites within the Unity Health Care network.

·         Checks medications prescribed, and verifies that patient understands the reason, and he/she is taking medications as prescribed.  Assesses side effects of medications.  Assists the patient in developing a medication schedule and individualized adherence strategies. 

·         Assists the provider in completing forms relevant to any virologic/genotype-phenotype testing.

·         Performs regular checks of nutritional and psychological status.  Provides pertinent HIV/AIDS education, with appropriate appointments and referrals as necessary.

·         Assesses the need for social services, makes the appropriate referral and follows up.

·         Provides statistical data to the Infectious Diseases RN Care Management coordinator and DOC DON  on panel size, case load, and compliance on at least a monthly basis.

·         Conducts charts audits on a monthly basis to assure that Unity Health Care is providing quality care.

·         Provides quality care based on HIV protocols and recommendations.

·         Assists patients in the transition and coordination of care in the CHC upon release from DOC.

·         Performs other duties as assigned.



·         BSN preferred, current DC license. 

·         Minimum of two years experience of working with HIV/AIDS patients preferred.

·         Minimum of four years of recent experience in acute care, correctional health and/or ambulatory care setting.



·         Ability to assist in directing the care of the HIV/AIDS patients.

·    Excellent oral and written communication skills.

Ability to articulate Unity's mission through his/her work.