Licensed Practical Nurse - Care Manager


Full Time




The Licensed Practical Nurse Care Manager works with diverse populations with multifaceted needs.  The incumbent will serve as a planner, advocate, broker, and record keeper for the patients of UHC.  This individual will also be responsible for providing nursing care and program administration, as well as continued nursing assessments, routine nursing procedures, vein puncture, and routine clinical procedures.



·         Assists patients in following through with established treatment plans.

·         Coordinates care for patients in collaboration with plan s.

·         Coordinates follow up of care.

·         Develops a working, therapeutic relationship with patients; initiates the intake process of patients.

·         Works with care team (Physician, FNP, Medical Assistant, registration staff, health information and data entry staff) to assure that the patient receives appropriate and timely care and follow-up.

·         Communicates to other team members regarding the status of patients' social and mental health needs.

·         Assesses patients' psychological needs; and evaluate problems related to cardiovascular, diabetes, infant mortality, and asthma.

·         Provides appropriate health education to patients routinely and as needed. 

·         Develops effective treatment plans, identifying, activating, and linking patients to support networks (i.e., family, social, treatment programs, services, emergency assistance); serves as advocate/liaison on patients behalf, and alleviates environmental stressors when possible.

·         Monitors patients use of health center services and the adequateness and effectiveness of the services utilized, including patient flow.

·         Provides required weekly/monthly data collection reports as required through an electronic or manual system.

·         Facilitates home visits to patients unable to schedule appointments at the Health Center if appropriate. 

·         Participates in professional development opportunities and attends staff/team meetings as deemed necessary.

·         Documents in medical records per policy and standards.  Maintains accurate and up-to-date records in a timely manner.

·         Facilitates care team meetings.

·         Develops processes and/or assist with referral processes.

·         Performs other duties as assigned.



·         Current DC LPN License.

·         At least 3 years of experience in a hospital or ambulatory care environment, with experience in medical surgical, emergency room, intensive care, post partum or nursery.



·         Ability to supervise and to work both independently and in a team oriented environment.

·         Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

·         Knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, etc.).

·         Data entry experience.

·         Must be well organized, flexible, and action oriented