Emergency Department Tech/Health Unit Coordinator

Emergency Department




Education: Licensed EMT or RN Tech preferred. Training and Experience: Previous experience in an ED preferred. Must have effective communications skills and understanding of ED procedures and supplies and equipment used in ED. Job Knowledge: Maintains good physical and emotional well being. Emergency Room Tech duties: Job responsibilities require a great deal of walking, bending, pushing of carts, wheelchairs and other equipment. Exhibits ability to set priorities, organize work load, and efficiently utilize supplies and equipment in order to deliver timely and efficient patient care. Demonstrates ability to act as a patient and family liaison. Able to communicate effectively with ED physicians, nurses and ancillary department associates. The Emergency Department Technician provides assistance with the care of ER patients. This assistance of care will enhance the flow of the ED patients. This assistance of care will enhance the flow of the ED patients through the department, increase patient satisfaction with the department and enable the ED nurses and physicians to complete their tasks in a timely and efficient manner. Consideration is given in the provision of care for the age and developmental status of the patient. The ED Technician will not administer medication. Health Unit Coordinator duties: Previous experience as clerk or nurses aide is helpful, but not required. Must be accurate in spelling; clear and legible handwriting is necessary. Previous experience in typing or computer skills is helpful, but not required. Must be willing to go through computer classes/training if necessary. Job Knowledge: Has a working knowledge of the nonclinical tasks required in the daily operations of a nursing unit such as receptionist, telephone etiquette, and secretarial duties. Knowledge of medical terminology. Computer entry skills. Knowledge of patient confidentiality issues. Professional communication skills. The Department of Nursing Health Unit Coordinator is responsible for performing the nonclinical nursing tasks for a nursing unit; the receptionist role for a nursing unit, utilizing discretion and protecting the confidentiality of patient information at all times. The Department of Nursing Health Unit Coordinator efficiently utilizes the supplies and equipment on a nursing unit to facilitate the timely and effective delivery of patient services.