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Category: Service/Trade
Schedule: Per Diem
Shift: Varied Shifts
Hours: 1 shift per week as needed b/w 6AM & 8PM incl w/e & holidays
Job Details: High School/GED/Vocational

Position Summary:


Functions will vary according to the specific position assigned on the Crew Sheet.  Responsibilities may include but are not limited to: cold food preparation, nourishment/floor stock production and delivery, gourmet meal set-up and delivery, assembling meals and following established standards for patients/guests for the room service meal program, after hour meals, ER meals, L & D meals, fruit baskets, patient dessert cart and other requested meals/refreshments/items, delivery of meals and meal pick up, dish washing, restocking the items (food, supplies, pots, pans, tableware. containers etc.) in assigned areas, pot and pan washing, sanitation duties, receiving and restocking food and miscellaneous supplies, cafeteria serving, area set up/restocking and cashiering, and special function food preparation, set-up and clean-up. 


Adherence to JCAHO, NY State Department of Health sanitation guidelines and management company’s established policies and procedures that the hospital has contracted for is required in all duties assigned. 


Performs other duties as assigned. The hospital reserves the right to revise this job description based on the needs of the department and/or hospital.



Primary Population Served:


 ___ Neonatal (0-28 days)

_X_ Adult (18- 65 years)

             _X_ Infant (28 days-1 year)

_X_ Geriatric (> 65 years)

             _X_ Pediatric (1-12 years)


             _X_Adolescent (13-18 years)




Job Responsibilities:


1.      Receives daily assignment via the Crew Sheet and reports to assigned area.

2.      Punches time card in/out as required based on assigned work schedule.

3.      Reports to work well groomed and incompliance with WPHC and departmental dress code policy for assigned position, which includes safety shoes, visible identification badge, and limited jewelry while on duty and on hospital premises and wearing the designated uniform for the position assigned to work.

4.      Demonstrates/articulates an understanding of the responsibilities of the assigned position(s).

5.      Verbalizes and applies knowledge of current department and hospital policies and procedures.

6.      Attends staff meeting, in-services or equivalent to update knowledge related to current department/hospital issues as required or requested.

7.      Completes annual department/hospital competency requirements and they are documented appropriately on Competency/Education Record.

8.      Adheres to management company’s and departmental operating policies and procedures as outlined in position job flows.

9.      Adheres to hospital policies and procedures specific to sick leave.

10.  Adheres to hospital policies and procedures specific to time-off relating to holidays and vacation and other specifies needs (emergency, jury duty, bereavement, etc.)

11.  Assists in the care and maintenance of department equipment and supplies.

12.  Consistently reports to work on time and ready to work at the start of the shift.  Provides proper notification when late or absent.

13.  Operates all kitchen equipment in a safe and proper manner.

14.  Completes food preparation tasks in a safe and sanitary manner following provided recipes.

15.  Performs all patient/customer related duties in a courteous and helpful manner.

16.  Follows required “script” when delivering and picking up patient meals.  This includes opening greeting, employee’s name, patient’s name, reason in the room and closing statement.

17.  Utilizes the meal ticket scanners and walkie-talkie radios according to departmental policy.

18.  Maintains work area in a safe and sanitary manner.

19.  Places proper food items on meal trays during meal assembly following FIFO meal ticket, highlighter and zoning of trays policies.

20.  Performs daily cleaning assignments as assigned.  Practices ‘Clean As You Go” policy.

21.  Follows all HACCP guidelines as they relate to preparation, serving and storing food.  Properly wraps, dates and labels and stores food.

22.  Follows proper procedures for meal distribution and tray retrieval.

23.  Sets up work station and ready to go for all meal periods assigned to work. 

24.  Restocks work area after each meal period.

25.  Follows proper guidelines for washing pots and pans and washing all required table and small wares in the dishroom.

26.  Cleans and sanitizes dish machine.

27.  Demonstrates the ability to interact in a positive and helpful manner with patients, staff, visitors, physicians, volunteers and co-workers.

28.  Respects the dignity of all by maintaining their privacy and respecting confidentiality.

29.  Exhibits a commitment to the values expressed in the hospital’s Mission Statement.

30.  Reflects commitment to building a supportive work environment and maintains a positive attitude at the work place and toward your job.

31.  Provides service to all customers taking into account their age related needs.

32.  Projects a good image in their dealing with the public and is willing to make an extra effort to help build a quality and caring health care institution.

33.  Adheres to time limits for meals and breaks.

34.  Adheres to safety, health and regulatory requirements as described in the departmental policies and procedure manual. 

35.  Reports incidents and unsafe work conditions to manager.

36.  Completes work assignments with an acceptable time frame, with minimal supervision and follow-up.

37.  Recognizes the needs of others and assists willingly.

38.  Uses periods of low activity productively for departmental improvement/enhancement.

39.  Adapts to changes in workload and assignments. 

40.  Demonstrates flexibility toward department staffing needs.

41.  Assures that personal activities do not interfere with work (such as excessive personal phone calls).

42.  Seeks assistance/advice when appropriate.

43.  Acts as a resource person to peers and other hospital co-workers/students and contributes to the development of these individuals.

44.  Takes responsibility for own professional/job related self development.

45.  Participates in projects, activities, committees, task forces, teams to meet departmental and hospital needs.

46.  Demonstrates proper cash handling procedures as established by the management company and the hospital.

47.  Serves customers proper portion sizes as established by the management company and the hospital.

48.  Demonstrates strong customer service skills (such as acknowledging each customer with eye contact, opening greeting, and closing statement, not arguing with a customer, contacting a manager as needed).

46. Performs other duties as assigned.



Education, Training, Licensure and Experience Requirements


Ability to follow oral and/or written instructions. High School diploma/GED or working towards a High School diploma or GED are minimal requirements.

1199 S.E.I.U.

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